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Dataiku for Architects

Flexible, scalable, and secure.

A Cloud-Native Platform to Systemize AI

Orchestrate the Entire AI Lifecycle

Dataiku integrates with your existing ecosystem (cloud or on-prem) to provide full orchestration of Everyday AI. Dataiku systematizes the entire AI lifecycle, from project inception to production.


Scalable, Flexible Architecture

Process Any Type or Any Size Job with Elastic AI Clusters

Use dynamic cloud infrastructure and elastic AI clusters for scalability, performance, and lower costs.

Dataiku integrates natively with elastic cloud storage and compute from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake.

Data scientists or admins can spin up Kubernetes clusters and run Spark jobs with just a few clicks. Dataiku can dynamically create containers in Kubernetes clusters to scale deployments.

Pushdown Architecture

Scale Across the AI Lifecycle

Dataiku’s unique pushdown architecture allows organizations to take advantage of existing, elastic, and highly scalable computing systems.


The platform features development, production, and deployment environments in a single platform. The architecture is ideal for cloud computing.

Dataiku runs on the leading cloud AI infrastructure and supports CPUs and GPUs for the most scalable AutoML engine.

Dataiku Delivers Multi-Cloud AI

Deploy and Scale Anywhere, Across Any Cloud Infrastructure

Dataiku is both cloud native and cloud agnostic. You choose where and on what infrastructure you want to build and deploy AI.

Dataiku is available as a fully managed SaaS solution. Or bring your own infrastructure to deploy as a self-managed AI platform in your preferred cloud.

One Platform for All Your AI Needs

All Your Code, IDEs, Libraries, and Packages

Give your data scientists the choice they deserve — and benefit from managing everything in a single platform. Dataiku gives data scientists freedom of choice and provides full visibility to what’s running in your environment for easy administration. 


A Unified Dev, Test, and Prod Environment

Manage Models and Pipelines in a Single Platform

Dataiku offers integrated but independent dev, test, and production environments that are monitored and governed, so you can deploy AI and machine learning with confidence. Operations has complete control over production AI and data pipelines with roll back, Git integration, versioning, and CI/CD.


Dataiku features automated one-click deployment for approved models. Dataiku can score models in batch mode or deploy API services for real-time scoring.

Extensible and Customizable

Extend the Power of Dataiku With Plugins

Users can build their own extensions programmatically or use existing extensions (plugins) to address additional use cases. With plugins, developers can add new functionality and package new datasets, recipes, and processors into reusable components. Users can find and install extensions through the plugin store.


Operational Efficiency & Resource Management

Easy Administration for Lower Costs

Dataiku is simple and fast to install, upgrade, and administer. It features templated deployments, automated backup, restore, and disaster recovery with logging and audit trails. Plus, you get transparent reporting on resource consumption to ensure your investments deliver business value. 


A Secure and Governed Platform

Role-Based and Advanced Security Plus Governance

Dataiku features multi-level security including user impersonation; Kubernetes namespaces; workloads isolation; cloud identity and access management rules; SQL per-user credentials; Authentication (AD, LDAP, SSO); and Authorization (OAuth). With Dataiku Govern, architects can ensure AI is managed by designing end-to-end governance strategies.


Dataiku has integrated security with each of its cloud partners to ensure data remains safe. It integrates with authentication, identity, and access management systems of your infrastructure provider.

Dataiku Govern is a dedicated node in the platform for risk managers to create full governance workflows, from project inception to model sign-off.

Dataiku for Architects

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here’s what a few of the 45,000+ people using Dataiku across 500 companies worldwide have to say.


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