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Dataiku for Data Preparation

Connect, Clean, and Wrangle 10x Faster

Clean, Enrich, & Wrangle

In Just a Few Clicks

Dataiku is the platform for Everyday AI, systemizing the use of data for exceptional business results. By making the use of data and AI an everyday behavior, Dataiku unlocks the creativity within individual employees to power collective success at companies of all sizes and across all industries.

With Dataiku, join and group datasets or aggregate, clean, normalize, enrich, and deduplicate records, all with a few clicks. With options ranging from no-, low-, to full code, business and technical users can easily collaborate from a single location.

Integrate Data Sources

10x Faster With a Single Interface

The platform features 40+ native data connectors including cloud databases, business applications, flat files, on-premises warehouses, and everything in between. Regardless of size, shape, or location, you can access it in one place.

Track Data Updates

Explain Changes With a Transparent Pipeline

A visual flow records every step of the data pipeline so you can explain transformations to stakeholders with confidence. Automatic versioning and a timeline of recent actions make it simple to review or revert specific changes.

Transform Data

Built-In Processors Make It Hassle Free

Use over 90 built-in data processors for common data manipulations like binning, concatenation, currency conversions, date conversions, filtering, splitting, and more. Even when a processor doesn’t exist in the library, users can quickly write formulas similar to those used in spreadsheets to accomplish almost any data transformation task. Reduce errors and rework by applying transformations to a data sample before applying them to your entire dataset.

Geospatial Data Analytics

Extract Key Information Faster

Extract latitude and longitude from geopoint data and vice versa; GeoIP location to resolve location data like country, region/state, city, postal code, and more from an IP address; and geo join to connect datasets using geographic coordinates. Additionally, geographic plugins provide additional capabilities for geocoding and more.

Visually Explore Data

Kickstart Initial Data Analysis

At any step in your data preparation, leverage 25+ types of built-in charts and visual statistical analyses to quickly explore data and identify patterns, without the need to export data into other tools. Then, easily shift to creating and deploying ML models or creating automated reporting dashboards for stakeholders — all from a single interface.

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