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Build Data Your Company Loves

Tackling Data Quality & Access Challenges With Dataiku

Build Data Your Company Loves With Dataiku

Your Universal Data, Analytics, and AI Platform

  • Detect anomalies effortlessly with powerful discovery capabilities for business and tech team.
  • With IT-delegated self-service capabilities, we empower every team member to proactively address data quality challenges, avoiding impact on insights.
  • Our Flow acts a universal grammar to keep everyone in sync when making data better without wasting time.
  • Stay ahead with data quality rules, automated workflows, and real-time monitoring for proactive improvements.
  • Easily share trusted datasets via a centralized data catalog, enabling secure consumption aligned with urgent business needs.



Smart Data Quality in the Palm of Your Hands

Dataiku’s AI Prepare

Preparing data has traditionally been the domain of data analysts. With Dataiku’s new AI Prepare (coming soon), analysts and business users describe the preparation steps they want, and the system automatically creates those steps as part of visual recipes. The results are easy to review for everyone using the data preparation job.


The Dataiku Advantage

Powerful Data Discovery for Analytics & AI

Dataiku empowers users with its robust yet user-friendly data discovery capabilities throughout the analytics and AI lifecycle.

Discover data quality on your whole dataset or choose sampling for best performance in interactive exploration. Dataiku provides many sampling methods for exploration and visual data preparation.

With Dataiku, you gain a visual and permanent understanding of your data quality issues.

By default, the explore views for a dataset shows a data quality bar, which shows which rows are valid for their meaning.

Maximize Insights With Exploratory Data Analysis

Unlocking Hidden Patterns With Ease

By harnessing the potential of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), you can proactively identify and rectify data flaws in order to ensure improved ML models, reliable algorithms, and informed business strategies.

Watch the Assisted Data Exploration Video to Learn More


By employing EDA techniques such as univariate and bivariate analysis, distribution analysis, and correlation matrices, organizations can gain comprehensive insights into their data samples.

Employ hypothesis testing to draw robust conclusions about the underlying population based on sample datasets. Make confident business decisions backed by statistically sound evidence.

Uncover relationships, identify clusters, and understand the overall structure of your data for better understanding and interpretation.

Dataiku Flow

A Visual Grammar That Makes Data Quality a Team Sport

The Dataiku flow provides a visual representation of a project’s data pipeline and is the central space where data and domain experts view and analyze data, add recipes to join and transform datasets, and build predictive models.

The visual flow also contains code-based and plugin elements for added customization and extensibility.

Empowering Data Preparation With Visual Simplicity

Powerful Recipes at Your Fingertips

Dataiku provides easy-to-use visual interfaces to join datasets, group and aggregate, clean, transform, and enrich data — all with a few clicks. You can even incorporate the latest Generative AI techniques without code. Best of all, Dataiku automatically documents all steps in a recipe as part of the visual flow.

If you’d rather code than click, create code recipes using familiar languages such as Python, R, and SQL, developed and edited in your favorite IDE.

Centralize Trusted Data and Foster Collaboration

Dataiku Data Catalog

Consolidate data and analytical capabilities for seamless access and collaboration.

Transform reliable data into actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Enable effortless sharing and consumption of data products for improved collaboration in respect of predefined control access.

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Continuous Data Integrity

With Automated Checks and Metrics

Metrics in Dataiku automatically assess data or model elements for changes in quality or validity, and checks ensure that scheduled flows run within expected timeframes and that metrics deliver the expected results.

Configurable alerts and warnings give teams the control they need to safely manage production pipelines, without the tedium of constant manual monitoring.


Next Steps

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