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Dataiku 10: Bring New People and Roles Into AI

Model Evaluation Store

Ensure Quality With Performance and Drift Monitoring

Manually monitoring models in production can be time consuming and laborious for data teams.

Dataiku’s Model Evaluation Store captures and displays performance metrics over time. Automated drift analysis and built-in model comparisons make it easier than ever for IT operators to monitor live models and ensure continued high quality and relevance.

Model Comparisons

Compare Multiple Models at a Glance

Without a framework to orchestrate controlled experiments for continuous deployment strategies, it can be complicated to compare different models and model generations against each other and store experiment results.

Dataiku 10 includes built-in model capabilities for visually evaluating and comparing models in development or in production. Select two or more models to compare against each other or an existing benchmark, designate a champion, and assess challenger models on performance metrics and training details.


Safely Scale and Deliver AI With a Centralized Control Tower

Developing and deploying AI projects and models without proper oversight could result in poor performance and unintended impacts on customers and the organization.

Achieve enterprise-grade governance and AI portfolio oversight with standardized project plans, risk and value assessments, a centralized model registry, and workflow management for reviews & sign-off.


Centralize and Distribute Analytic Outputs to Stakeholders

It can be challenging for business stakeholders to quickly harness disparate outputs from multiple AI projects into a consolidated view.

Workspaces are a new collaboration channel between analytics teams and the audiences they serve — a private space where data consumers can easily access and review all the analytical assets they need from a single page.

Geospatial Analytics

Manipulate, Enrich, and Visualize Geo Data

Make the most of location data and take geospatial analytics to the next level with new tools in Dataiku 10, from data enrichment to visualization.

Combine geopoints and geometries with a Geo Join visual recipe, leverage PostGIS support, and enrich datasets and dashboards with numerous other geo-processors and visualization enhancements.

Assisted Data Exploration

Quickly Interpret Data With Automated Analysis Suggestions

It can be tricky to spot patterns and relationships in a large dataset, especially without prior knowledge of the data or a predefined notion of where to even begin the analysis.

A smart assistant in the Interactive Visual Statistics tab helps uncover variables of interest and automatically suggests visualizations to help users explore patterns and discover relationships between columns in a dataset.

Industry Solutions

Accelerate Time to Value With Starter Projects

When launching an analytics initiative against a new use case, it can be both time consuming and daunting to start completely from scratch.

Off-the-shelf projects and use case-specific components can significantly accelerate development times and provide inspiration for teams. Dataiku’s Industry Solutions include ready-to-use objects and workflows that are fully customizable, extensible, and adaptable to business specifics.

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