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Govern: Safely Scale AI With Oversight

Covering the Full AI Lifecycle Across the Enterprise

Project Workflows

Enforce Oversight for AI and Analytics Projects

As the number of AI projects increases across the enterprise, so does the potential for those projects to negatively impact the company if the appropriate procedures for approval are not enforced. However, without comprehensive tracking in place it can be difficult to ensure these processes are completed and track approval status.

With Dataiku, you can create standard project plans and leverage workflow blueprints with clear steps and gates to explore, build, test, and deploy AI projects with optimized speed and value.

Project Value/Risk Qualification

Invest in the Right Projects and Govern Appropriately

With limited resources to execute a growing number of AI project requests, it can be difficult to quickly and objectively determine which projects should be prioritized for investment.

Dataiku enables key stakeholders to assess potential value and risk level using a standardized framework to compare initiatives, set priorities, and determine oversight requirements.

Model Sign-Off

Prevent Deployment Without Appropriate Reviews

Making sure that the right stakeholder approvals are completed for AI projects across different departments, use cases, or risk profiles can be challenging to manage and track. However, getting these approvals is necessary to ensure projects align with business needs, are auditable, and follow Responsible AI best practices.

Dataiku enables project managers to request and collect sign-offs on models prior to deployments in order to ensure audit-readiness on deployment decisions.

Central Model Registry

Easily Review All Models and Metrics in One Place

Maintaining oversight and tracking performance of all of the models running across your organization can become difficult as your company scales.

Model registry provides a centralized way to see all models (whether developed in Dataiku or externally) in one place, versioned and with performance metrics and project summaries for leaders and project managers.

Centralized AI Control Tower

Quickly Understand the Status & Progress of AI Initiatives

Upholding a centralized view of project status is crucial for maintaining speed as your company scales up AI initiatives.

Build a one-stop shop to your AI portfolio to quickly understand the status and progress of all your data projects, across multiple business entities and technical environments.

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