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Dataiku for IT Leaders

Scale AI Without Losing Control

Build, Deploy, and Scale

Your One-Stop Shop for Analytics and AI Projects

Dataiku is an enterprise analytics and AI platform that enables organizations to build their own data, analytics, and AI projects at scale.

It provides a collaborative and user-friendly interface for data scientists, analysts, and business users to work together and make data-driven decisions.

IT teams can easily orchestrate, operate, monitor, and govern analytics and AI projects with the Dataiku platform.


Dataiku Delivers Multi-Cloud AI

Deploy and Scale Anywhere, Across Any Cloud Infrastructure

Dataiku is both cloud native and cloud agnostic. You choose where and on what infrastructure you want to build and deploy Al.

Our comprehensive platform allows for the consolidation of multiple analytics tools into one, while also minimizing the administrative efforts required to maintain the environment. By doing so, we not only reduce tool expenses but also optimize staff efficiency to support the technology stack.

Dataiku is available as a fully managed SaaS solution. Or bring your own infrastructure to deploy as a self-managed AI platform in your preferred cloud.

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Streamline IT Efforts With a Unified Platform

Effortless Deployment for Lower Cost

Fleet Manager streamlines the process of installing, configuring, and managing Dataiku, effectively alleviating the administrative workload.

By leveraging our end-to-end platform, organizations can significantly reduce their administrative overhead and effort required to maintain the environment. This results in cost savings on tool expenses and potentially reduces the need for a large number of full-time employees to support the technology stack.


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Pushdown Architecture

Scale Across the AI Lifecycle

Dataiku’s unique pushdown architecture allows organizations to leverage their existing investments in elastic and highly scalable computing systems.

Dataiku's platform offers a versatile architecture that is well-suited for cloud computing, while also considering the needs of IT leaders who may prefer to deploy Dataiku on-premises.

Dataiku runs on the leading cloud AI infrastructure and supports CPUs and GPUs for the most scalable AutoML engine.

Remove Friction From Your MLOps Processes

Remove Complicated Connections Between Tools

Give your data scientists the choice they deserve — and benefit from managing everything in a single platform. Dataiku gives data scientists freedom of choice and provides full visibility to what’s running in your environment for easy administration. 


Safely Scale AI and Analytics 

With Oversight and Governance

Achieve enterprise-grade governance and AI portfolio oversight with standardized project plans, risk and value assessments, a centralized model registry, and workflow management for reviews & sign-off.


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Built-In Trust and Security

Security Is Dataiku’s Priority

Protecting information to ensure security and availability while reducing associated risks and related impacts from incidents is a top priority for Dataiku. Dataiku has designed, implemented, and is actively maintaining an information security program to accomplish this objective.


Dataiku is ISO 27001:2013 certified, demonstrating that Dataiku has implemented and maintained an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Dataiku has completed a SOC 2 Type II assessment to assure our customers that internal controls are in place to protect their data. It contains our auditor’s evaluation of the design, implementation, and operating effectiveness of Dataiku’s internal controls based on the AICPA Trust Services Principles Criteria for Security

Dataiku is Cyber Essentials Plus certified, which contains our auditor’s confirmation on the compliance with UK government requirements for implementing the Cyber Essential security controls to support the UK government clients.

Trust and Security at Dataiku
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How Dataiku Drives 423% ROI

Reduce Costs & Drive Value

Customer interviews and financial analysis found that a composite organization experiences benefits of $12.89M over three years and an ROI of 423% with Dataiku.

Get a copy of the full study to dig into the key findings, benefits, and more.


Get The Full Study
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