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Self-Service Analytics With Dataiku

Embed analytics across the enterprise

Empower More Data-Driven Decisions

Extend the Power of Your Analytics Organization

Dataiku is a single, multi-purpose platform that unites people with different roles and skill sets in a central space to deliver faster business insights and innovative AI solutions.

Through collaborative, reusable workflows, easy-to-use data applications, and interactive visualizations, Dataiku allows you to scale insights to more areas of the business.

Interactive Charts & Dashboards

Facilitate Faster Answers for Business Teams

Easily share insights and recommendations with built-in charts and dashboards. Interactive interfaces enable viewers to explore data and quickly access answers to their specific data questions.

Dataiku features 25+ standard chart and map types, plus integrations with popular visualization solutions like Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik.

Analytic Applications

On-Demand Intelligence for Diverse Audiences

Wrap data projects with a guided visual user interface to enable others across the organization to interact with an analysis and generate AI outputs in a self-service way, using their own data and settings.

Do so either in a no-code way or programmatically develop webapps using popular frameworks such as Dash, Bokeh, Shiny, and Streamlit.

Assisted Data Exploration

Proactive Suggestions to Guide Analysis

Dataiku features visual cues via color coding for data validity, instant summary statistics and outlier detection for columns, and context-based recommendations for data cleansing.

Built-in visual statistics allow you to explore data at a deeper level. A smart assistant helps uncover variables of interest and automatically suggests analyses to help users visualize patterns and discover relationships between columns in a dataset.

Reuse and Discoverability

Reduce Rework and Get More Done

Reusable data assets and pipeline elements in Dataiku mean teams can be more efficient, consistent, and deliver value faster.

Automate the tedium of data preparation with 100+ built-in visual tools to help users cleanse, join, aggregate, reshape, filter, and geocode data.

Extend Dataiku by packaging pipelines or code into reusable visual recipes that other users can use in their own projects.

Leverage central locations to search for and discover project elements and high-quality reference datasets for reuse in your own work.

Don’t Forget About AutoML

The Support You Need to Get Predictive

Make the leap from descriptive to predictive analytics — Dataiku’s guided visual interface and built-in helpers enable you to quickly build, evaluate, and interpret a wide variety of predictive models, even if you’re not a coder.

Use the default AutoML settings or configure every aspect of a model, from feature selection to algorithms to hyperparameters.

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